Thursday, 31 March 2011

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Monday, 28 March 2011

Post 1: Frasier, relic of an ancient time

Frasier is the most interesting show on television. Well, maybe not, but it just came on and I'm too lazy to find the remote to change it, so Frasier is the only show on television right now. Frasier, to me, is a relic of an ancient time. It was a time when Seattle was the greatest city in America. It's really hard to articulate, but theres just something about the sophisticated intellectualism, the refined tastes, and the distinct Seattle culture that deeply intrigues me in a peculiar sort of way. They have their art and theatre and symphonies, their modern city with the monorail and space needle and Microsoft and Boeing, their coffee shops, their immaculate and tastefully modern high rise apartment, their sensible fashion sense, and, above all, their semi-British proper and correct speech patterns. Frasier and Seattle in the late 90s represent the absolute epitome of American high culture. It's so cosmopolitan, so clean and crisp but suave. A lot of great stuff was coming out of Seattle and it all represented the crème de la crème of mature sophistication in America. This was before George W, before Family Guy and Jersey Shore and Paris Hilton. Before Beiber and Ke$ha and Rebecca Black. Back when culture refined tastes were valued, a time of prosperity, before shit went down the tubes and we ended up where we are today...

So, Frasier, I salute you, a bastion of culture in a brain-dead world, a societal leader, and a reminder of better days...

Humble Beginnings

I decided to start a blog cause I'm a self-centred asshole who thinks every single thought that wiggles its way into my glorious head deserves to be published for the masses to read. I'm also a chronic procrastinator, so if I blog as a method of procrastination I figure I might possibly get something of some value out of it... at least it's better than lurking facebook waiting for that to somehow entertain me.

So the purpose of this blog is for me to muse, complain, rant, praise, review, comment, grumble, babble, wax eloquent, yell incoherently, create, and destroy. The content will be all the random shit I think about when I should be doing other things, namely homework and sleep. Right now it's 2:30am, I have class at 10 in the morning, and I have a group presentation at 1:00. Job well done so far.