Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Bleu Cheez Whiz

So I'm eating this Cheez Whiz that has been in the fridge for probably seven months now. The label fell off a while ago, but I'm sure it's well past the listed expiry date. This begs the question, does Cheez Whiz ever go bad? Or does it actually get better with age like real cheese? If it gets moldy do you call it Bleu Cheez Whiz? Or is that a no-go cause it's not actually cheese... Maybe Kraft should introduce a new line of gourmet aged Cheez Whizzes, including Bleu Cheez Whiz, cause obviously people who like Cheez Whiz are the kind of people who appreciate fine cheeses...

Hmmm... My instinct tells me the "best before" date is a scam to get non-fatass people to buy more if they haven't finished the jar in a few months. I've never thought about it before but maybe there's a difference between a "best before date" and an "expiry date," some sort of legal loophole. I used to drink a lot of "expired" pop in high school, courtesy of a friend who stocked a Coke warehouse and was charged with getting rid of the old bottles; that never made me sick or anything. In any case, I don't think Cheez Whiz could really get any worse than when you first buy it, so bon ap├ętit.